Research shows consumers prefer the flavor of corn-finished beef when compared to barley-fed or grass-fed beef.* That’s why, for Cattle Company Beef, our corn-finished promise is one of the many ways we deliver flavor that reigns supreme.

You know what your patrons expect from their beef – flavor, tenderness and juiciness. To ensure optimal taste every time, we carefully consider every step our beef takes from ranch to plate.

The careful measures we take deliver delicious results:

  • Corn-finished yields marbling for flavor, tenderness and juiciness customers prefer;
  • Taste is improved when cattle are less stressed through responsible ranching and humane animal welfare practices;
  • Stringent processing safety standards and tracking integrity provide quality assurance that your order will match specifications every time.
*K.M. Killinger, C.R. Calkins, W.J. Umberger, D.M. Feuz and K.M. Escridge, 2004, Journal of Animal Science 82:32394-3301.