It’s a fact – you get a better steak when cattle are raised responsibly. We support regional and local ranchers who are passionate about continually improving the quality of their stock to provide a better result. Modern ranching also can preserve wildlife habitat with respectful land stewardship measures. By observing humane practices throughout the supply chain, we demonstrate the utmost respect for animal welfare and the environment.

Get to know some of the ranchers who source Cattle Company Beef: 

Malta, Idaho
5 Rivers Cattle Feeding

Mike Thoren believes stewardship is the key to success in the cattle business. He says people would be surprised at the science and the personal sacrifice involved in making sure cattle are well-cared for.  See how 5 Rivers goes above and beyond for food safety and animal welfare.  

Madras, Oregon
Norton Cattle Company

Like all the ranchers who work with Cattle Company Beef, Tom Norton of Norton Cattle Company in Madras, Oregon, feels the real value he brings is going the extra mile to care about his land and his animals.  Go here to see more on this committed rancher. 

Dubois, Idaho
Table Butte Cattle

For rancher Sid Brown, Jr., and his family, Table Butte Cattle is a labor of love to reinstate ranching on land that was originally homesteaded in 1917 by his grandparents. See how ranching is a labor of love for this family.

Bridgeport, Washington
Cavadini Partnership Ranch

Dan Cavadini wasn’t always a cattle rancher. Shortly after high school, Dan left his multi-generational family owned farm for college and then a job in the big city.  Yet, he returned to ranching and now is working to leave a legacy. See how this ranch prides itself in low-stress livestock handling.

Burley, Idaho
Willow Creek Farms

Willow Creek Farms is a captivating Idaho ranch in the shadows of the mountains along the winding Snake River. Once you’ve been there, you don’t want to leave. Just ask Willow Creek’s owner, Chris Drakos, who has farmed potatoes and raised cattle there for decades.

Dale Meek from Riverbend Ranch

Idaho Falls, Idaho
Riverbend Ranch

At Riverbend Ranch, it’s all about family. The passion, the dedication, the respect for the animals, and the love of the land. It all starts with owners Frank and Belinda VanderSloot and how their values create the right atmosphere for producing the best Angus beef.

Grand coulee Washington

Grand Coulee, Washington
Egbert Ranch

Since the late 1800s, Bubba Egbert’s family has been cattle ranching in Washington around the area between the town of Almira and where Grand Coulee Dam is now located. The family runs its cattle over 30,000 acres and continually works to manage the health of the grasslands.

Cattle roaming grass fields in Taylor ND

Taylor, North Dakota
Grain Belt Land & Cattle

A love of the land and of cattle has permeated the four generations of the Gullickson family ranching here in the southwestern area of North Dakota. The 9,000-acre ranch is currently run by Glenn and his wife Vicky along with their four grown children and their families.

hughes cattle ranchers

Polson, Montana
SMH Cattle Ranch

For Steve Hughes, cattle ranching is a burning passion. He was raised on his father’s ranches in North Dakota and eastern Montana, using his knowledge and his experience to continue that vocation for the past 30 years. He started his own ranch in western Montana where his black Angus cattle graze on 87,000 acres.

Limon, Colorado
Frasier Farms River Bend Ranch

Frasier Farms is a family owned and operated ranch founded in 1946. Joe, Mark and Chris Frasier run the family operation which prides itself on its holistic grazing method which mimics the natural grazing patterns of the buffalo which roamed these plains for thousands of years.


Republic, Washington
Gotham Ranch

The Gotham Ranch herd roams 74,000 acres of open range in northern Washington grazing on foliage which is free from herbicides or pesticides. The calves grow up without antibiotics or added growth hormones. MORE …

Ranchers supplying your Cattle Company Beef:

Frasier Farms River Bend Ranch
Joe, Mark & Chris Frasier

Willow Creek Farms
Chris Drakos

Table Butte Cattle 
Spencer & Sid Brown

Idaho Falls
Riverbend Ranch
Dale Meek

Matthews Land & Cattle
Eugene Matthews

Trapper Creek
John Peck

Polson, Montana
SMH Cattle Ranch
Steve Hughes

Grain Belt Land & Cattle
Glenn Gullickson

Norton Cattle Company
Tom Norton

Cavadini Partnership Ranch
Dan Cavadini

Grand Coulee
Egbert Ranch
Bubba Egbert

Rinker Ranch
Dale Rinker

Timm Brothers Ranch
Amanda Timm

Gotham Ranch
Bryan Gotham

Padlock Ranch
Trey Patterson

Canyon Spring Ranch
Rod Trish