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Frasier Farms River Bend Ranch

Frasier Farms is a family owned and operated ranch founded in 1946. The Frasier Farms River Bend Ranch is located west of Limon, Colorado, and is in partnership with the Frasier Farms in Woodrow, Colorado. Covering a total of 44,000 acres in Eastern Colorado both operations run a spring and fall calving operation with 800 head, a yearling program, hunting access and custom grazing, when allowable.

Joe, Mark and Chris Frasier run the family operation which prides itself on its holistic grazing method which mimics the natural grazing patterns of the buffalo which roamed these plains for thousands of years. This type of grazing encourages the constant movement of the cattle so they have one bite per plant and move on, safeguarding the health of the native grasses.

The environment in Eastern Colorado can be harsh, so the Frasiers consider themselves conservationists in caring for the land which, in turn, takes care of their families.

“We are stewards of this land so we act as grass farmers first and manage our cattle to keep the grass healthy,” says Mark. “Healthy grass means healthy cattle which ultimately produces wholesome and nutritious beef.”

Kelsey Pope, daughter of Joe, is involved with the operation along with her husband, Ronny, and their son, Chisum. As a young mother and fourth-generation rancher, Kelsey is a relentless advocate for stewardship and sustainability to keep raising cattle for generations to come.

“One of my main passions is animal well-being,” she says. “We care for our cattle and have a herd health program on our ranch which includes regular wellness checks and extensive health records – just like you would do for your kids.”

Kelsey does blogging and communication work for several agriculture groups including CommonGround. You can visit Kelsey and see what she’s covering at agonthe4front.com.

“We are constantly caring for our cattle,” she says. “We’ve made major investments to provide water centers in different areas of the ranch to facilitate the use of our entire acreage and to serve the health of our cattle and the land.”

The stock on Frasier Farms grow up almost exclusively on grass with some minerals and supplemental protein and hay in the winter. They are corn-finished in Colorado and Western Kansas. They also take advantage of modern technologies in the beef industry with artificial insemination and embryo transfer to improve their genetics.

“It’s imperative that everything we do is aimed at the sustainability of our operation through the health of our land and our livestock,” says Kelsey. “We want to sustain our family ranch for future generations and we’ll continue doing that by raising healthy cattle which equates to healthy, safe and nutritious beef.”

You can see more about the cattle ranch on their Facebook Page.