Local cattle rancher, GothamRepublic, Washington
Gotham Ranch

Our key difference is that we run our cattle from April to December in the high country.  Our calves are born in the summer on green grass and watered from streams fed by melting snow. It’s as close to a pristine environment as you can get. – Cattle Rancher Bryan Gotham.

The herd roams 74,000 acres of open range in northern Washington grazing on foliage which is free from herbicides or pesticides. The calves grow up without antibiotics or added growth hormones.

It’s a way of ranching that has prevailed for generations in the area which is strictly rural. Ranching, timber and mining are the main industries, just as they have been since Ferry County was formed.

“When you want to talk rural America, this is it,” he says. “There’s not one single stop light in the whole county.”

Bryan and his wife, Deb, come from a long line of ranchers with the fourth generation of the family tradition continuing with son Logan, daughter Hanna and son-in-law Mark.

“My wife’s dad was a true horseman,” says Bryan. “Deb, Logan and Hanna are all good hands with horses.”

The Gotham Ranch uses open grazing which supports and coexists with the area wildlife.

“We strive to improve the quality of our Angus cattle from season to season,” he says. “We run mostly black hides and work to have the best genetics possible with quality bulls.”

Premium cattle raised in an all-natural environment is a recipe the family hopes will be rewarded at the market so the family’s ranching heritage is sustainable. They also support Ferry County by helping promote the area’s rural lifestyle and providing materials to rebuild a major part of Sherman Pass after flooding in 1996. According to Bryan, “good relationships support sustainability.”

We proudly support local ranchers like Bryan and Deb Gotham to provide the best sources of beef which offer a superior dining experience.