• Refers to fat intermingled with lean beef tissue
• Intermuscle marbling supports a cut’s juiciness, tenderness and flavor
• Accommodates high temperature cooking without sacrificing juiciness
• Corn-finished beef yields desirable marbling*
• Degree of marbling is the primary determination of USDA beef grades
• Cattle Company Beef features products in all USDA grades, offering marbling quality at every price point

Cattle Company Beef Meat Guide

beef marbling guide

Appearance and Consistency
• Cattle Company Beef delivers exceptional plate appeal and consistently superior flavor.
• For uniformity and preparation ease, our Angus Prime and Upper 2/3 Choice offer consistent ribeye sizing
• Defines an animal’s age based on key physical attributes
• Impacts tenderness, firmness and texture
• All Cattle Company Beef is harvested at 30 months of age or less to bring your customers an optimal eating experience
• Aging results in tender, juicy beef
• All Cattle Company Beef portion steaks are cut from primals aged a minimum of 21 days, 28 days on many cuts, and surpassing USDA standards.**

*Source: Smith, G.C., J.W. Savell, H.R. Cross, and Z. L. Carpenter; The relationship of USDA quality grade to beef flavor. Food Technology 37:233-238
**21 days aging or greater on cut steaks; also provided on primals, as available; check with your Food Services of America Sales Associate.